Beeswax Candles


Stacy developed her passion with beeswax in Ontario thirteen years ago. Sharing a deep connection

with the vitality of nature and importance of bees, Stacy has always been appreciative to be a special

part of the process and production of nature’s gifts. Beeswax truly has healing components, the

negative ions produced when burning circulate, attract and neutralize dust, mold, bacteria and other

toxins. These candles are non toxic and non allergenic. The sweet aroma of beeswax is the true

essence of flowers. 

Melon Durand


Melon’s artwork gives her the sense of being at home. She has been creating and crafting since a very

early age and will continue to do so until her last breath. Her passion to create is what defines her

imaginative style. A good friend of hers was the one that introduced her to working with cement and

sculptures and ever since then she has meandered down a path of eternal creativity and ingenuity. 

Slippery Slope Soap


What began as a necessity to find body products that are kind to the skin has turned in to a passion

for Bonnie Freeman. She creates her soaps in her straw bale building in Christina Lake, British

Columbia. She uses only sustainable, top quality oils and butters. Her soaps are scented exclusively

with essential oils. Made in small batches, the soaps are cured for 6-8 weeks before packaging, using

a cold process method the batches are hand stirred, poured and cut. The tags are cut from birch

twigs on the property.