Kaleb Wheaton-Blatkewicz

 Kaleb Harley Wheaton-Blatkewicz is a self taught photographer based out of Christina Lake, British Columbia. Born in Kelowna, but raised his entire life in the area of Christina Lake, he has grown up seeing the beauty that the area has, both Kootenay and Okanagan aspects. Kaleb is sixteen years old and has always has a passion for photography. He uses the areas around him to create stunning representation of the nature and life in southern BC and uses friends to practice his portrait skills. In the beginning of 2018, Kaleb became sponsored by popular soda brand, Jones Soda Co. and since then has worked with 7/11 Canada & Pikto Photos. Kaleb uses minimalistic outlooks when taking his photos and uses his technology knowledge when editing. He showcases his art on his Instagram and his website KHWB2.com , both under the alias KHWB or KHWB2; his initials with his birth year, 2002, at the end.

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