Our Vision

To inspire community, artists and artisans to engage in meaningful participation thru the showcasing & education of the visual, studio, and performing arts.


In the summer of 2006  local Boundary Country artists and artisans from the Christina Lake and

Kettle River Valley area formed a society to represent & facilitate the growth and development of the

regions artistic community.  Although the area had an abundance of artists in an impressive range

of mediums, there was no central place to come together and share their expertise and showcase their


It was envisioned that a Studio Teaching Space and public Gallery/Welcome Centre would be created to further the Arts in our area. In partnership with the Christina Lake Chamber of Commerce, CLAAS spearheaded the construction and funding of what has now become known as the Christina Lake Welcome & Arts Centre. Nearly $2 million was raised through grants and donations, art auctions, and other means, to construct the area's first "Green" high performance building, which has become the Centre of our community.


ground breaking at the site


The Christian Lake Arts & Artisan’s Society was formed to bring a voice to the arts and cultural

activities in the region.  The Society is now a registered Charity whose purpose is to increase the

public’s understanding and appreciation of performing and visual arts through art displays, performances,  and the operation of an arts centre.  CLAAS also provides instructional seminars and workshops on topics related to the performing and visual arts.


the cultural pole: story pole


Grand Forks teacher Bob Grieves worked with us to bring in

Internationally known coastal carvers, to work with students and residents to

design and carve two authentic story poles.  Each pole is composed of animal images that

have special symbolic meaning in the region.



the floor mural


The giant  3D floor mural was the first of its kind to be designed and installed by Tyler Toews and

Stephen Skolka of Canadian Murals.  It is a collage of the treasures of Christina Lake, from a historic, (the photos of Christina McDonald, the RR trestle) and scenic natural beauty perspective.