Some of our Outstanding Glass Artists

Featured in the Gallery

Brian Kirkvliet


Brian is an accomplished artist working out of Washington with his preferred medium being glass.

His life’s work has shifted in recent years to include themes of harmony and alignment with the

environment. His current furnace, which produces all his glass, has reduced his yearly energy

consumption by seventy percent. Still, Brian recognizes the carbon footprint for every piece he

makes and attempts to offset that by planting trees and living sustainably off his land.

Brian finds inspiration for his glass historically by studying the work done by the Egyptians,

Romans, and Venetians. Like them, he tries to push himself technically and aesthetically.


Cornucopia Glass


The Bateman’s have been making glass pieces since they arrived in Victoria, British Columbia in

1978. Mark Bateman crafts each sculpture from high-fire borosilicate glass, in an open flame of

propane and oxygen. The technique is variously known as Flame working or Lampworking; an

ancient art form, practiced by many cultures for thousands of years. Jane Bateman then puts the

finishing touches on each figurine to prepare them for final display.


Jeff Holmwood

Jeff studied glass at the Alberta College of Art and Design, in Calgary, Alberta from 1990-1994. He

received additional instruction from the Penland School of Crafts in North Carolina and the

Pilchuck Glass School in Stanwood, Washington. Jeff’s Electric Kool-Aid series, based on Murrini

glassed placed second in a contest at the 1994 Glass Art Society Conference in San Francisco. His

most recent series incorporates alphabet murrini and allows him to combine his interest in language

with glass. Jeff has exhibits nationally and internationally.